Truth is stranger than Fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't.” Mark Twain


Ryan Lynch is an award-winning screenwriter, director, and producer who loves to focus on stories that are inspired by true events. She recently wrote and directed UTurn, a VR pilot about gender discrimination in the tech industry, which has played in numerous festivals, including San Francisco International, Mill Valley FF and at the UN Women Global Voices. Her comedy web series, SanFranLand, which garnered numerous awards, including Best Screenwriting from Miami Web Fest and Best Directing from LA Web Fest. SanFranLand is distributed by Canal OTT (an arm of Canal+), Roku and Amazon.

Ryan’s upcoming projects include Hump, an animated film she’s co-producing with an ex-Pixar director, Rob Gibbs (Mater’s Tall Tales) at the helm and written by Sundance award winner, Amin Matalqa (Captain Abu Raed).

Princess of Dachau, a true story of a Muslim woman who becomes a radio operator during WW2, which she is executive producing and The Perfect Cover, a film she is writing and directing that is based on the true life story of her uncle who was a famed combat cameraman turned CIA operative during the Iran Contra Affairs. Ryan has an MFA in Film Directing and attended UCLA for Screenwriting. She worked in the Story and Development departments for over ten years at Pixar Animation Studios on films such as Toy Story That Time Forgot, Brave and Ratatouille.




Role: Writer/Director/Producer

Logline: SanFranLand is a 12 episode comedy web series that follows the misguided lives of three women living in San Francisco.

About the story: Southern gal Bobbi’s plans for a predictable suburban life suddenly implode when she finds her fiancé in a diaper with a dominatrix. Encouraged to join her two best girlfriends, Coco and Tara, in San Francisco, she leaves small town Georgia behind for the big city. Over the next year, the three friends navigate their social lives at a dizzying pace and Bobbi begins to discover what she wants in life and love. SanFranLand is a story about picking up and starting over, about reinventing yourself in a city where you truly can be anything.


  • Winner Best Directing, Best Editing, Best Ensemble, Best Comedy Series, Best Editing - Trailer, LA WEB FEST, Los Angeles 2014

  • Winner Best Screenwriting, MIAMI WEB FEST, Miami 2014

  • Winner Best Trailer, ROME WEB AWARDS, Italy 2015


  • Nominated Best Cinematography, MIAMI WEB FEST 2014

  • Official Selection HOLLYWEB 2014

  • Official Selection AUSTIN WEB FEST 2014

  • Official Selection ATLANTA WEB FEST 2014

  • Official Selection BUSHWICK FILM FESTIVAL, Brooklyn 2014

  • Official Selection RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL, London 2014

  • Official Selection URBAN MEDIA MAKERS FESTIVAL, Atlanta 2015

  • Official Selection BROAD HUMOR COMEDY FESTIVAL, LA 2014

  • Official Selection ITV Festival, Vermont 2014

  • Official Screening SAN FRANCISCO WEB FEST 2015


 UTURN: VR Pilot

Role: Writer/Director

Synopsis: UTURN - The Tech Startup is a pilot of a 5 episode Virtual Reality narrative comedic series. When a young female coder joins a male-dominated floundering startup that’s deep in an identity crisis, she must muster the mansplaining to get her company closer toward the funding it needs to survive. With a comedic twist, UTURN is an immersive live-action VR series where you get to experience both sides of the gender divide.

Where to View: UTURN - “Episode One: The Tech Startup” can now be viewed in a GearVR or OculusGo VR headset (best experience) or on a mobile Samsung phone. Online Streaming


  • Winner Special Jury Prize, Jump into VR Fest NYC 2017

  • Nominated Best Interactive Experience, FIVARS (Festival of Intl Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Stories), Toronto 2017

  • Nominated Best Cinematic Narrative Experience, Raindance Festival VRX Awards, London 2017

  • Official Selection Cleveland International Film  Festival 2018

  • Official Selection Colcoa French Film Festival in Los Angeles 2018

  • Official Selection Seattle International Film Festival 2018

  • Official Selection Nantucket International Film Festival 2018

  • Official Selection UN Women Global Voices VR Festival 2017

  • Official Screening San Francisco Film Festival VR Days 2017

  • Official Screening Mill Valley Film Festival 2017

  • Official Selection Tacoma Film Festival 2017

  • Official Screening Oculus Connect 2017

  • Official Screening Samsung Developer Conference 2017



Role: Producer

Logline: Coming home has never been so hard. After three tours in Iraq, Kerryann Terkel is traumatized and adrift. Struggling to connect, she falls in with a corrupt cop and his Tea Party accomplice, who seize on her military training as the key to a big-money heist. A taut thriller with political overtones, WHITE RABBIT is the story of what happens when War Comes Home.

Synopsis: How an Iraq War veteran, battle-trained in maximum security telecom encryption and battling her own post-combat trauma, uses her high-tech expertise to bring down a tea party candidate for the United States Senate. Twenty-four years old and home from a hellish stint in Iraq, Kerryann Terkel stands at a crossroads. After three years in the U.S. Army Signal Corps, she can operate some of the world's most sophisticated telecommunications systems. Into her life comes Ricky Ray, a corrupt police detective, and Ricky's partner in crime, Mel Walter Booth, a good ol' boy prone to sudden fits of violence. Together, they run a series of small-money cons and frauds (using Ricky's police authority as cover). These public and private worlds collide when Ricky and Mel concoct a scam to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Senate candidate's campaign war chest. To make it happen, they need to push Kerryann's telecom skills to the limit. As the scheme progresses, tension builds and questions mount. Will Kerryann go through with their criminal enterprise?



Role: Writer/Director/Producer

What: MFA Thesis Film at the Academy of Art University

Synopsis: When Brewster fails to land a job and his wife wants him to 'bring home the meat', he convinces his friend Stan, a stay-at-home dad, that they need to regain their manhood by going hunting.


  • Winner - Best Student Film, Honolulu International Film Festival 2010

  • Official Selection Cannes Short Corner 2010

  • Official Selection NewFilmmakers, NYC 2010

  • Official Selection Queens International Film Festival, NYC 2010